General Personal Injury

Navigating the aftermath of an injury is never a straightforward journey. One of the questions that people often have is, "What kind of compensation can I expect from my personal injury claim?" The answer requires a careful evaluation of the facts in each case. 

Overview of Damages in Personal Injury Cases

There are two types of compensation in a personal injury claim - economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are the tangible, financial losses resulting from the injury. They're quantifiable and are typically supported by bills, receipts, pay stubs, etc. Common economic damages consist of:

  • Medical bills: including hospitalization, diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and any other healthcare-related costs.
  • Lost income: for the time you've had to take off work because of the injury and resultant medical appointments. 
  • Property damage: for any personal property, such as a vehicle, that was damaged due to the incident. 

Non-Economic damages represent the intangible harm suffered by an injured person.  Examples of this include:

  • Pain and suffering: physical pain, emotional distress, and reduced quality of life. 
  • Loss of consortium: the negative impact on a person's relationship with their spouse or family.

Economic Damages

Economic damages can be measured and quantified. The key is obtaining proper documentation for each category of damages. For medical expenses, you’ll need the bills from every medical provider and payment logs from your auto and health insurance carriers. For a lost income claim, paystubs, tax returns, and other proof of earnings are necessary. In the case of damage to personal property, proof often consists of receipts, repair estimates, and documentation of the cost of a replacement item. Obtaining and organizing all of this evidence can be daunting. At Vames, Wang & Sosa Injury Lawyers, we handle all of this for our clients so they can focus on the most important thing - healing. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are based on intangible factors. Proving them requires testimony of how the injury has impacted one’s quality of life. Oftentimes, the injured person themself talks about the pain, stress, frustration, and anxiety they felt on their long road to recovery. In some cases, other witnesses tell the story from their perspective - including spouses, children, other family members, co-workers, and friends. At Vames, Wang & Sosa Injury Lawyers, our team helps people articulate their experiences and tell their story in a way that is powerful as well as persuasive. 

How are non-economic damages assessed?

Given their subjective nature, determining the amount of non-economic damages is a nuanced process. It involves asking a series of important questions. What was the severity of the injury? Did the injury fully heal or is there a permanent disability? Did the injury make it more difficult for the person to perform everyday activities like walking, carrying things, putting on clothing, etc.? Has the person been deprived of activities that give their life meaning or joy - such as travel, sports, hobbies, and the like? Did the person miss out on important life events due to the injury - including a wedding, funeral, or graduation? The answers to these and other questions are factored-in when determining the amount of non-economic damages. 

Determining the proper amount of non-economic damages

If you're wondering about the proper amount of non-economic damages in your case, the best course of action is to consult with us, Vames, Wang & Sosa Injury Lawyers. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your specific circumstances. This involves reviewing medical records, seeking expert opinions, and referencing previous cases that are similar to your situation. We will also ask you many in-depth questions to determine how the injury has impacted you, your family, your career, and more. We take pride in our commitment to helping our clients understand the potential value of their claims. By harnessing our in-depth knowledge of local laws and extensive experience in personal injury claims, we can provide you with a well-informed estimate and guide you on the path to just compensation.

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