Catastrophic Injury

Navigating the aftermath of a catastrophic injury is no simple task. At Vames, Wang & Sosa Injury Lawyers, our approach is multi-faceted, ensuring our clients receive the compensation they rightfully deserve:

  • Expert Consultation: Our team collaborates with medical professionals, economists, and vocational rehabilitation experts. These consultations offer a comprehensive assessment of the present and future economic costs of your injury, from medical bills to lost income. 
  • Deep-Dive Investigations: We don't just skim the surface. Our lawyers delve deep into the evidence, evaluating medical records, employment history, personal testimonies, and any other relevant documentation to understand the economic implications of your injury holistically.
  • Personalized Approach to both Economic and Non-Economic Damages: Understanding the intangible effects of an injury requires empathy and attention. Our team engages personally with clients, gaining insights into their pain, suffering, and changed life circumstances. This personal touch strengthens the case and ensures the damages truly reflect the client's suffering.
  • Negotiation & Litigation Expertise: We know the insurance companies’ tactics. Our experience as former insurance defense attorneys provides a unique advantage, enabling us to anticipate their moves and strategize accordingly.

When evaluating damages in catastrophic injury cases, we look at a variety of factors - including

  • Medical Bills: These bills include ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and specialized treatments or therapies. 
  • Consider Long-Term Treatments and Medications: Some injuries require ongoing treatments or lifetime medications, which should be factored into the compensation. We work with specialists and lifecare planners to account for our client’s future care needs. 
  • Projected Medical Inflation: The cost of medical care rises over time. An expert can help project the expected inflation rate for medical services to determine future costs accurately. We work with economic experts to determine those numbers. 
  • Lost Income: Oftentimes, those with catastrophic injuries lose significant income during their recovery. Some are unable to return to their previous career and have to find a different job. Others can never work again. We work with vocational rehabilitation experts to evaluate the impact that a catastrophic injury can have on our client’s career and income prospects. 

While medical expenses and lost income often constitute the most substantial economic damages in a catastrophic injury lawsuit, there can be additional types of damages that are not listed here. Be sure to contact our office for more information on damages that are unique to your situation. 


How Can a Vames, Wang & Sosa Injury Lawyers Help Determine Your Economic and Non-Economic Catastrophic Injury Damages?

By working with us, you're not just getting legal representation; you're acquiring a dedicated team committed to ensuring that every aspect of your injury—both seen and unseen—is accounted for and compensated. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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